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People will hope that their wedding is memorable because everybody always thinks that marriage is a one-life moment. Everyone has their own dream concept of the wedding. The recent decor wedding ideas are rustic wedding style. This concept is unique and simple yet elegant. The budget of rustic wedding style is not as high as you think if you can use things and stuff around you. Designing a rustic concept needs a high creativity because most of the elements are old, DIY (do it yourself), natural and have a historical value.

For the wedding celebration, the rusting concept coincides well with outdoor and country-inspired themes such as barn or farmhouse. Earthy tones are the core of rustic decor wedding ideas. Relaxing vibe also can be felt in an open air area which makes rustic concepts more attractive as decor wedding ideas. When it comes to wedding decorations, the most important pieces needed for a rustic wedding concept are wood, antlers, wildflower, stone, cotton, antlers, plaid, dried leaves and faux fur.

Table wedding decorations for rustic concepts are varied. The most common material used is wood. To make the scene of the wedding more charming, you can place layered wood pieces and some pots of fresh flowers. The brown color from the table can be combined well with the natural lighting and green color of flower leaves. The addition of the lantern makes the vibe created more elegant and romantic. Choose the texture vase for an organic feel.

Another ornament for table weddings can be metal tins, old buckets or can that match well with the wood material. Make those things be the vases for your floral arrangement. The rustic vision is shown by the mixed material vibe from vases and table wedding. Make the environment more alive with raw wooden planks to set the stage and put some ornaments such as gold or copper candle holders. The element of gold and copper makes the design have a formal vibe for the wedding.

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