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Bathroom is one of the most important rooms at home you must provide well. Although it is commonly located hidden, it is basically an essential part that is related to the health and comfort of the homeowner. You can just imagine if the bathroom is dirty. Of course, you may become so lazy to even enter it.

But in this modern day, having a bathroom is not only about cleaning it and keeping it healthy. Applying a certain interior design is highly recommended enough for a plus point. One of the ideas you should consider applying is the rustic and country bathrooms. Both ideas are very similar to each other but only the rustic tends to look more natural and traditional. The similarity itself is mainly placed on the application of natural materials like wood and rocks. They are applied by still remaining its natural color and basic shape.

Interestingly, rustic style is one of the most flexible home interior design. It means that the style can be combined and blended with any other designs whether it is classic or modern. The results are somehow completely different from their own uniqueness. For example, if you blend the rustic or country bathroom with a modern design, it tends to look more sleek and minimalist. This idea is very much similar to some other interior designs like Japanese home ideas.

On the other hand, the application of a rustic design in a classic bathroom makes it tend to look more traditional. For this idea, it is much better if all the wooden plates still keep being coarse without being varnished. The natural fiber should be remained to deepen the sense of nature.

There are many reasons why the rustic bathroom decor is worth a try. Despite being unique with its own characteristics, its natural concept meets the bathroom interior very well. As you know, a bathroom is a place where you can relax and refresh your mind. Well, the rustic and country bathroom can just give it all to you.

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Michael Mustofa