35+ Best Vintage Wedding Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

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Do you have any good wedding ideas with a minimum budget? Nowadays the vintage theme is becoming a trend even though it is old fashioned. Many couples apply it to certain events, especially weddings. Well, if you and your partner are both lovers of vintage things and agree to raise this theme for your wedding, it helps you first check what you really need and how to apply it.

Dusty brown vintage invitation cardThe – first impression is presented through an invitation. You can choose invitations with paper and envelopes in dusty brown colors and choose fonts as if it were handwritten on your wedding invitation

Vintage door with a rustic impression – You can use an unused door for your vintage wedding ideas. If you want to add a rustic impression, you can decorate with flowers or leaves

Old fashioned guest book table – You can decorate the guest book table with old items like radios or typewriters to make it authentic

Ring box – The vintage impression feels thick in this ring box. You can hunt to second-hand markets or you can also custom. Gosh, like finding a treasure!

Old table and chair – You can also use items like old tables and chairs to use at your wedding. For the words ‘Mr & Mrs’ you can use wood with a vintage font

Antique guest table with drawers – If you usually put your food and drinks on an ordinary table, now you can replace it with an antique table that has a drawer.

Outfit with an old impression – Your outfit can also add to this old impression. You can wear your mother’s wedding attire with a simple bun, ask your bridesmaid and family to dress in an older uniform too

Souvenir with antique keys – For your wedding souvenirs, you can wrap it up and decorate it with this antique-looking key. Don’t forget the words are written in the appropriate font

VW car – When talking about vintage things, one that is identical is a VW car. If you don’t have your own, you can rent it on a special day

Incorporating vintage elements into your wedding ideas seems to be a good idea right? You don’t have to be all vintage. The important thing, when you want to include this element, make sure the nuances of the war chosen are similar so that it doesn’t get too crowded and tacky it seems.

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