35+ Amazing Front Yard Design To Maximize Your Garden Space

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Let’s talk about the front yard design! Not all houses have large yards. In addition to expensive land conditions, sometimes most people think it is better to maximize the yard to build rooms or warehouses and can be used to store goods. As a result, the remaining pages are not too broad even arguably narrow. If this is the case, you can still outsmart it, so that the page still looks broad. How do I do it?

Create Multi-storey Space – So that the small page still looks broad you can make it a multi-story space. You can make the upper floor as a place to eat and lower places use as a place to relax by placing chairs and sofas.

Vertical Garden – You can choose the vertical garden technique to save space while using a small home page so that it looks like a large yard. For this type of plant, you can choose the type of medicinal plants, vegetables, herbs or flowers that creep. The existence of this vertical garden will create a fresh and green atmosphere and make the yard look wider. You can also use it for gardening and of course, you can harvest your garden and process it. What you pick from your own garden is definitely healthier and fresher because you take care of it yourself.

Change Home Page As Destination – It is one of the best front yard design. Of course, this would be very nice if every house could have a yard to do various activities. Unfortunately, many people think only large pages can be used. This is precisely where you can change the small home page to look wider by making it a home destination. You can change the home page as one of the places to go to when you get home from an activity outside the office or when kids come home from school and study. You can fill the home page with a few trinkets such as a comfortable sofa, fireplace, mini waterfall or even baking equipment that you can use with your family while on vacation.

Framing the Landscape – So that the small home page looks like a large yard, you can frame the scenery by using a pergola. Pergola itself is a part of the building of a house that has a function as a shade from the sun’s glare. You also have to understand that pergolas and canopies are different. If the canopy always integrates with the building of a house while the pergola does not. You can use a pergola to hang a swing, make a garden with a vertical shape or frame the garden view. Using a pergola on a small page will help provide an illusion for the backyard which makes the yard have more space. Well, try the front yard design above!

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