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Side yard design is quite challenging that you need to ask yourself first before constructing it. There are some important considerations to take before starting this project. The first question is about the frequency of how you use the route to get from A to B. Also, it is important to ask yourself about the width of the area, whether it is enough to support the flower border.

When you want to build a side yard garden, it means that you will also talk about the walkways or the pathways. Here, you need some materials to consider. If you want to create a smooth surface for the outdoor space, you need concrete pavers or paving bricks. Additionally, you can complete a stunning garden side yard with something like an informal path. For example, you can create the garden design ideas by adding stepping stones. It will be more attractive to have curved pathways compared to straight ones.

Also, it is amazing if you add a ground cover as the plant for your yard design. To start, you need to buy creeping thyme. Then, you can plant it to cover the gap between the stepping stones. This is an important way to give a more interesting look to space.

Other than that, it is good to complete the space with weed plants. To do so, start by laying down the weed fabric and let the mulch to cover it. Keep in mind that you can grow a green lawn if the area is not heavily trafficked. On the other hand, if the area looks shady, it is better to plant some plants that can tolerate the shade. What we meant here is tall fescue grass. So, those are all things you should know about garden design ideas for your side yard. We hope these images can inspire you more!

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