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A tiny trailer is basically a solution for travelers who want to enjoy the open air in convenience. More interestingly, the cost to pay is also commonly more affordable than inns and hotels. Meanwhile, for renters, they should put more effort into making their trailers look more amazing. One of them is by applying a certain cool design like by having wooden plates as the outer layer of the trailer. Wooden plates seem to be very good as it represents open nature, where the trailer is commonly used for.

While the exterior of the trailer looks very good with the outer wooden layer, the interior should not be forgotten for sure. For a tiny trailer, it is indeed quite problematic of how to make the room look larger. One of the tricks is by removing partitions. A partition only is enough to separate the room. Besides, the wardrobe shelves can be attached to the trailer’s inner wall. When the trailer is not rented, the shelves are used to keep tools for cooking and picnic. But when it has been rented, those tools are taken out and then they are used to keep clothes or shoes.

Applying more windows is also a good thing to do particularly to let the air circulate in a better way. Another trick is by having windows with the same shape as the door. But of course, the windows cannot be opened completely. Aside from making the interior feel more refreshing, the application of the door-like window is to beautify the look of the trailer more.

More importantly, the trailer must still be safe and resistant toward rain, sunshine, or snow. It is okay to still have wooden plates as the exterior. But the wooden plate itself must also have a layer to avoid it being not durable. This is how your tiny trailer can be not only beautiful but also convenient.

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Michael Mustofa