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When we think of basements we think of a dark, damp, even creepy underground room. So why not turn your basement into a bright space where you can hang out with your friends? You can even turn it into a bar just by trying a basement bar design from this article. Turn your basement into a bright bar that’ll make you and your guests feel good!

Basements are underground, so naturally they are short of natural light. Sometimes being in a bar can even feel like being trapped in a dark cave. But you can turn this claustrophobic feeling into something amazing. Capitalize on the atmosphere by adding a rustic design. Use exposed brick for the walls, unpolished raw wood for the furniture, and rough cemented ceilings. This rustic basement bar design is charming and makes a cool hanging out place!

Lighting is another important component. Good lighting makes your basement brighter and cozier. There are many ways to incorporate lighting into your basement bar design. You could install simple lighting, use hanging lamps from the ceiling, or get a bold statement standing lamp for the aesthetic. Whatever it is, make sure that your bar is well lit.

If you prefer a more modern look for your bar, you can go for black and white. Both black and white suggest sophistication and elegance. Combining these two contrasting colors make for a stunning display. You can make your bar predominantly white and use black for accents. This striking basement bar design is something you must try for your basement.

Storage is always an issue especially since most basements are used as a storage space. But you do not need much space to have a great basement bar design. You can make your bar feel larger by installing a large statement mirror.

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