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Modern home decor is different from contemporary design. So, if you open a dictionary, the definition of modern and contemporary in-home design seems a little bit similar. But, of course, these two styles are quite different in some factors.

What makes contemporary and modern home decor is similar is because the two styles share some similar characteristics. The biggest factor that makes them different from each other is time. Modern comes from the beginning to the middle of the 1900s. It was a very old style but it still exists up to now.

So, if we talk about what is the difference between contemporary and modern home decor, you can see from four things. First, we can see from the form. Modern is about cold and stark. On the other hand, contemporary offers minimalist trends such as bold starkness. Second, it is about function. If we talk about modern decor, it means that it is all about the function. But, if we talk about contemporary design, it may be about the form of the pieces.

The third thing to compare is the color palette. In modern design, you will see that modern interior offers natural and neutral choices. For example, the room may have an inviting feel, a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, contemporary design offers a combination for blacks and whites for a contrast yet fun look. It is not a big problem in a contemporary style to swing from one color scale to another.

The last thing to compare is the lines. You can see the strong lines in modern design. This is not the rule for contemporary decor. It is because you still can find curves everywhere. Here, we provide some interesting pictures of contemporary and modern home decor. Have fun and check out the inspirational images here!

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Michael Mustofa