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Garden, whether it is placed in the front or backyard, it seems not enough without applying outdoor curtain ideas. Just like what you see in the home interior, the seating idea here refers to a table and some chairs or sofa. For many reasons, even the sofa is chosen more by people as it is considered more comfortable. Well, if you can provide some cushions also, the seating idea must look more beautiful and relaxing.

The reason is clear; it is to make the garden area look more beautiful and elegant. Of course, it is more comfortable also for anyone to sit down in the area. When the patterned sofa is recommended to avoid the sense of monotonous, you can also choose the plain one for the look of modern and minimalist. You can put more flowers and plants around the minimalist sofa. Sure, the entire yard tends to look livelier with this easy way.

Undeniably, placing sofas or a set of garden furniture is a smart move but also problematic. How can it be problematic? Sofa or furniture, in general, tends to be more easily corroded and rotten due to the weather. Moreover, it is during seasons like summer, winter, or rainy. Therefore, preparing protection is very important in this case. Some types of protection you can use are a gondola, a canopy, parasol, and more. A gondola and a canopy are the most recommended protection types since they are permanent and able to cover the furniture entirely.

Around the seating, you can also install a fence whether it is made from iron or bamboo. The main purpose is also the same, it is for protection. Sure, whether it is sunshine or rain can radiate or splash the furniture from all directions. So, it is reasonable to consider this thing also. Interestingly, the protection is effective enough to beautify outdoor seating ideas even more.

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Michael Mustofa