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Stunning Antique Furniture for Your Home. One of the most important elements in a house that uses classic design is the use of furniture that also must use antique-style designs so that the impression that appears can be harmonious and harmonious.

Broadly speaking there are six streams of antique furniture designs that are most often used to meet the needs of the interior.

That is Rococo, Victoria, Mission, Chippendale, Federal and medieval styles. For a Rococo-style design, it began to develop in France and is often used during the reign of King Louis XV.

The aesthetic value that is often highlighted is a form that is not so symmetrical. The priority of the Rococo design is even more eccentric and uses a lot of curves. The selected color is of two types, namely silver and gold.

Whereas for designs that use Victorian style are actually also much influenced by Rococo style because this design did appear after the Rococo design style experienced popularity and development. The main characteristic of this design is the use of handrails or backrests that tend to be curved and slim.

Victorian designs also always use painting ornaments and the materials used are more often using ebony so that it has a heavier weight.

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Michael Mustofa