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Hipster, this term must be very familiar enough. Yes, hipsters or hippies refer to a group of people who are interested in non-mainstream lifestyles including fashion, indie music, movies, and more. Interestingly, although their style is so-called non-mainstream, the style itself has its own characteristics. In fashion, for example, Hippies prefer wearing loose clothes and they also have something like a headband and the like.

Sure, if you are interested in the Hippie world, it doesn’t always mean that you must wear clothes like them. You can apply it to your home interior design. The hipster or hippie living room is one of the good examples of it. What does it look like?

The hipster look can be seen from the application of bold colors like maroon, brown, orange, and others. Those colors will be the best to apply in furniture and home decor fabrics. Make sure to combine the color well so that the final sense to see is not stuffy and cramped. Combining those bold colors with the lighter one is a good thing as well mainly to deepen the contrast. It also avoids the living room interior to look monotonous and not lively.

A hipster living room is also not complete without details and accents. Having accessories like a dream catcher is a great idea. Besides, you can also put some houseplants inside in green for a more refreshing look. Of course, such a thing is not difficult to realize.

More importantly, you must know the concept of Hipster itself well. Hipster is basically all about uniqueness and modesty. So, the most important thing here is how you can make a modest design become more beautiful, unique, and lovable. That’s why; although this living room decoration idea suggests you apply bold colors, it is not bad to have it even in your small room. Additionally, you also need to explore your creativity for a perfect hipster living room decorate.

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Michael Mustofa