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The color combination is an essential thing in the interior home design and idea. The combination itself is applied in certain patterns or decorations with one main purpose; to make the home interior look more stunning and elegant. This matter is also for the Mediterranean home interior design. People often have a misconception about this idea with general classic interior design. Of course, the Mediterranean style has its own characters that are not only differentiating it with other designs but also make it more stunning in its own way.

So, what should you know about a home interior design in the Mediterranean style? First of all, it is related to the details. Mediterranean style is focused on the application of patterns implemented in the engraving and the likes. If you really want to apply this style, you should choose the furniture first. Classic patterns like rose, fleur-de-lis, and others are a great choice. Aside from furniture, those patterns are suitable also for wallpaper and home decor fabric.

Bold colors are the next key point for a perfect Mediterranean home design including dark red, brown, dark green, and others. So that you can avoid the home interior looking too dark, combine it with lighter colors like white, beige, and more. Interestingly, the dark-light color combination is a good choice to make the home more look more luxurious and expensive.

Something you should not forget about the Mediterranean home style is the houseplants. Those plants are commonly placed in the interior with dome-shaped doors and windows. Although it looks simple and easy, in fact, it is just another point to make the design look regal. As suggestions, choose plants with long leaves for this idea. Having some flowers with bright colors is good also mainly if you want the room to look more stunning. So, if you want to make your home living look more luxurious without taking too much effort, the Mediterranean home style design is a good choice.

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Michael Mustofa