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Living in some large cities means that you will have the same living problems; limited space. At this time, you may want to live in a studio apartment. But, it does not mean that it can save the problem. Still, you have to use your creativity. It is because the challenge is about how to arrange everything. Even there are so many people showing a white flag because they cannot handle the cluttered look. The space looks cramped, and it sounds difficult to maximize the space.

Many people think that they can fix this problem easily by cleaning the floor and organizing the floor space. Of course, a coffee table is indeed a convenient option. But, it is not a great idea for those who live in a limited space. You need to deal with more surface space. One of the best ways is to enjoy it without sacrificing the floor space. What we mean here is that it is good to use a corner counter. Many designers show how you can use a corner counter to keep the floor space for your apartment design ideas.

Another way you can do is to purchase some multifunctional furniture. Living in a studio apartment means that you need to pay attention to the function of your furniture design. For example, it is good to buy an ottoman that has a hidden storage solution to provide more space for storing your things. Other than that, you may need a long sofa that you can use as a bed.

Since floor space is limited then you will need the ceiling and the wall space to handle the problem. It means that you will need some wall-mounted shelves as a great choice. Other than that, you need hooks to hang other things. Even better, it is good to have hanging lamps. Here are more apartment design ideas to check out.

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