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In the past, people may still think conventionally about a bathroom. As long as it has enough water and the water source, it has been considered a healthy and ideal bathroom. Unless you are very rich or a part of the royal family, it sounds impossible to beautify and design bathrooms in a certain style, decoration, and idea. Nowadays, a bathroom is not only a place to take a bath or to do other private activities. More than that, it should be provided to make the homeowner feel relaxed and comfortable while being there.

One of the unique ideas you should try is probably the rustic and country bathroom. What does it look like? The interior design adapts the nuance of nature and modesty seen from the application of wooden pieces. If you are interested in having a table or other types of furniture there, it is even better to let the surface be coarse. No need to varnish or paint it, it is the uniqueness of the concept. Although slightly, this idea of a beautiful bathroom seems to look traditional, there are still pieces of modernity to see there. For example, it is seen by the general bathroom interior concept that doesn’t have too many details and accents. Meanwhile, colors to choose are also those the light ones like light brown beige, and white.

To sweeten the bathroom more, decorations should always be there. Just like in the picture, it is okay to have some jars of flowers with a note that the flower design must be in the rustic or country concept as well. Another idea to apply is some unique chandeliers that are placed right above the table. Choosing a kind of classic chandelier is more recommended than the modern-style one. So, are you interested in applying this unique bathroom design?

image source : pinterest.com

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Michael Mustofa